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New Dues Plan for DLI


Great News for Dues

To Be Effective April 1, 2014

New Membership Plans Based on Services You Want

from the president
David Machesney

DLI's Board voted to change our membership dues system to one that is much more convenient and beneficial for all members. Currently, member dues are based on the number of employees working for a member drycleaner. The number and type of locations are also factors. This system has morphed into 26 different dues classifications and could cause some confusion. We hope you’ll agree this new, simpler system offers you more value and the ability to choose those services that are most important to your success.

Introducing DLI's New Membership Service Plans

DLI will now offer four Membership Service Plans on a monthly basis, similar to how mobile phone companies offer different packages. This ensures you get the service you want and your membership will not lapse. Membership is on an annual basis, but you may cancel at the end of your term with a simple phone call.

  • The Budget level offers entry into the association and includes access to DLI’s knowledge base and products and services. Additional services are available on a pay-asyou- go basis.
  • The Silver and higher levels include access to DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning and some popular services are free.
  • The Gold level offers more free services and includes access to our new online training video library.
  • The Premier level is for larger operations or those cleaners who need unlimited access to all of DLI’s services. Presently called DLI’s Premier Club, this is as close to the “everything for one check plan” as we could get. At this level you may use every service at least once for free or at a very significant discount. This is the only plan to include a free Executive Hotline for instant access to DLI Leadership. This way you’ll be bumped up to the front of the line for anything you may need.

Staying Relevant

DLI is a small business. Like any other business, some things must change. The challenge for all service-related businesses is to develop the best team and provide the best possible service to customers who continue to expect better service and quality for their dollar. If you want to continue to improve your business we at DLI are ready to assist you and your staff.

The strength of our industry depends on the strength of the association. The DLI Board is pleased to offer this change so the association can continue to improve services and assist members. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions, so please reach out to me or any board member with any questions or comments.

David Machesney, President



Videos Promoting

Professional Cleaning Services

The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) is offering $5,000 for the best video to demonstrate or promote the use of DLI member services. The contest is open to members, consumers, non-member cleaners and anyone else who can tell a story promoting professional DLI member drycleaning services. The Institute will award $5,000 for the video judged to be "best" by the staff and Board of Directors.

Trade press and national press outlets will be notified about the contest, but we wanted DLI Members to get first notice on this contest.

The purpose of the video project is to accumulate ideas on how DLI professional drycleaners can promote their serves more effectively, said Dave Beatty, owner of Murrysville Cleaners and DLI District 2 Director. Beatty shared the idea for the contest at the Summer 2013 DLI Board Meeting.

"We think we know why a consumer would bring us a pair of pants they can clean at home, but we’re certain to get a great many ideas from this project," Beatty said. "It's easy to list convenience, quality, and things like that, but those things are too general. We thought we'd go to the source and get consumers to tell us their reasons for using professional services."

All videos must demonstrate the advantage of using professional drycleaning services, run no longer than two minutes, and may not be a promotion for a specific cleaning company. To submit a video, post it to YouTube and share a private link with DLINews@DLIonline.org. All video submissions become Drycleaning & Laundry Institute property.

DLI employees or board members are not eligible to win the contest.

Entries are due by April 1, 2014. Prize will be awarded by June 23. See DLIonline.org/contest for official rules, or download a PDF of the rules.

The Purpose Of RMFA

For All Members

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The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association is to enhance the image and viability of the fabricare industry through education, and development of the skills, talents and professionalism of its membership.

  • To promote, develop and protect the interests of the garment and textile maintenance industry.
  • To improve the quality of services rendered by industry by providing and opportunity for the exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions through meetings, discussion and educational programs.
  • To develop and encourage the practice of high standards of professional conduct and safety within in the workplace among the membership.

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